Natalie (ronniekins77) wrote in hpfluff,

Christmas Drabbles

Hi, guys! I'm a little bit late, but I have some drabbles for you! :)

Title: A Weasley
Pairing: Ron/Hermione
Rating: G
Summary: Ron tells Hermione something she's not supposed to know. Prompt; Hermione's first Christmas w/ the Weasleys. Written for islaya85.
~ ~ ~
Title: Harry's Kisses
Pairing: Harry/Luna
Rating: PG
Summary: Luna pines for Harry. Prompt; Jealousy. Written for katsumi_chan.
~ ~ ~
Title: A Hot Day in Hell
Pairing: Erm, a tiny bit of Harry/Ginny.
Rating: PG
Summary: Harry and Draco can't seem to agree on anything, and Ginny is irritated. Prompt; Miscommunication. Written for windfallen.

Link for these three: ~HERE~
~ ~ ~
Title: No Need For Mistletoe
Pairing: Ron/Hermione
Rating: PG
Summary: Ron gives Hermione something he's been meaning to give her for awhile. Prompt; Mistletoe and candy canes. Written for littlesnowman.
Link: ~HERE~

Enjoy! :D
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